The digital solution patient engagement

Synapse is a digital network with multiple applications to map, create and turn random societal ecosystems including people, organizations, resources, initiatives and events into structured and interconnected societal networks and empower its players with actionable intelligence and societal network functionalities

Why Synapse

Synapse empowers all players, by mapping and connecting experts, organisations, events, initiatives and resources of the patient engagement world, bringing to life its whole related ecosystem.

Synapse, therefore,enables more effective action bringing initially disconnected, uninformed, isolated or duplicative activities within a structured and actionable digital network for stronger impact in an age when societal issues have become too complex to be addressed in isolation and alone.

How does it work


Synapse lets you search for patient engagement initiatives, organizations, people, events and resources from around the world in one organized and connected place. Users can view the data through multiple lenses: conditions, therapeutic area, geographic zone, medicine development phase, patient expertise etc

Ecosystem reports

Who can use the tool? Simple. All stakeholders working on patient engagement projects (for example, patient advocates, clinical investigators, researchers, or sponsors).


The events feature lets you engage with patient engagement events happening around the globe, and visualise the connected experts, initiatives and resources related to an event

Organisation reports

Organizational reports help you map your initiative on the global patient engagement landscape and provide general analysis about your initiatives improving interaction with easier questionnaires


The partnership map in Synapse for patient engagement helps organizations manage partners and identify mutual interest for potential collaborations


Application-specific features provide an interactive and personalised experience to each and every user

Connecting communities on work related to medicines development lifecycle, maternal health, precision medicine, medical technology and more.

The Network Science has proven the potential, power, strengths and possible weaknesses of networks highlighting a whole untapped area of progress. Synapse brings together relevant actors to enable a better understanding of patient engagement and its ecosystem and allow them to shape and deliver better solutions and structures, individually or together. It allows efficiency and faster progress including from capacity building to ground truth impact.

By doing this, Synapse also nurtures collective and shared purpose of different organisations and stakeholders to solve a common challenge (such as with patient engagement) by applying the untapped power of networks.

The “Patient Engagement Management Suite” is brought to you by the PFMD partnership.