Discover the tools to support fair remuneration of the patient community for interactions with the pharmaceutical industry

Enabling fair remuneration and good practice in patient engagement through harmonized global standards

About the project

Remuneration of the patient community continues to be a tension point, reducing the ability of both parties to have meaningful and efficient interactions, leading to a call to action for global consistency. Through the harmonization and co-creation of global standards and resources, trust, transparency and good practice can be fostered.

PFMD membership and contributors are participating in a comprehensive co-creation effort involving key stakeholders and decision-makers to harmonize previous collaborative work and establish global standards for fair remuneration of the patient community for interacting with the pharmaceutical industry through patient engagement activities.

Get involved in shaping the future of fair remuneration in patient engagement

Through co-creation and stakeholder engagement, the project aims to enable consistency and fair remuneration practices for patient engagement. Together we can drive change and empower open and transparent dialogue around engagements and remuneration
whilst ensuring compliance with relevant Codes of Conduct and local regulations. Key aspects of the project include:

Global Principles for remunerating the patient community for interactions with the pharmaceutical industry. Harmonizing previous collaborative work to ensure that the remuneration process is consistent and transparent.

Download the Global PrinciplesDownload the one-pager on Global Principles

Global Remuneration Methodology & Frameworks
Co-creation of a methodology applying the Global Activity and Expertise Frameworks to operationalize the Global Principles, co-created with a Steering Committee and the patient engagement community and building on previous collaborative work.

Special thanks to all patient engagement enthusiasts that contributed to the public consultation and workshops on the Frameworks. We are integrating all the input received and they will be available soon!

Global Fair Remuneration Digital Tool – launching in early 2023!

A practical tool that operationalizes the Global Principles and applies the Global Activity and Expertise Frameworks to help users define patient engagement activities, identify the right kinds of participants and to agree on remuneration with partners. Enabling consistent application of the Global Principles and empowering transparent dialogue on fair remuneration for patient engagement activities.

Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee is composed by members that represent both the patient community and the pharmaceutical industry.
They provide iterative strategic advice and are actively involved in the step-wise co-creation of the project deliverables.

PE Country Guidelines

Resources consulted in this project

Previous collaborative work to establish a trusted process to remunerate the patient community for interacting
with the pharmaceutical industry has been consulted and harmonized on this project.

Patient Compensation Toolbox by National Health Council (NHC)

Working Together with Patients by The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

Note for Guidance on Patient and Patient Organization Interactions by International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)

Working with patients and patient organisationsWorking Together with Patients  by Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

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