PEM Suite

Your global hub for practical tools to plan, assess and execute any patient engagement initiative

How-To-Guide for the Early Discovery and Preclinical phases
How-To Guide for the Clinical outcome assessment development
How-To Guide for Protocol Design
How-To Guide for the Regulatory phase
How-to Guide for the post-launch phase
How-To Guide for Plain Language Summaries in peer-reviewed publications
How-To Guide for Capacity Building
2018 edition
2019 edition
2020 edition

Patient Engagement Basics

A 15-minute introduction to patient engagement (Level 1 - short version)

Patient Engagement Value

What is patient engagement and how to get it right (Level 1)

Patient Engagement in Practice

Your first step to making it happen (Level 2)

  • People
  • Resources
  • Organisations
  • Initiatives
  • Events
  • Performance metrics
  • Tools

About the PEM Suite

The PFMD network is making sure to aggregate existing knowledge and tools, identifying good practices and coherently combining them before designing accessible and useful avenues for the various audiences that will use them.

The result is the Patient Engagement Management Suite (PEM Suite). A hub of co-created tools, resources and practices to help stakeholders adopt patient engagement in a systematic, efficient and meaningful way.

What is included in the actionable toolkit?

Guidance to plan and assess patient engagement practices

selection of initiatives demonstrating the quality and impact of patient engagement work

Tool determining how to fairly compensate patients and family caregivers when they’re involved in patient engagement

Tools helping to improve legal agreements between patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies. 

In-depth practical guides for specific patient engagement activities

Learning program to help you start your patient engagement journey or take it to the next level

Innovative tool for managing patient engagement initiatives and exploring the ecosystem

PEM Suite Contributors

PEM Suite is the result of a collaborative approach encompassing experts and organizations. It is powered by  PFMD – a global alliance for making patient engagement happen.

The Patient Engagement Management Suite” is brought to you by the PFMD partnership.