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The second edition of The Book of Good Practices is here.
A selection of patient engagement initiatives that can be considered good practices. The selection used a methodology based on the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance

The Book of Good Practices
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Not sure what a good practice is?

Use this tool to reach a common agreement about what is a Best Practice in patient engagement.

Demonstrating the value of patient engagement

The Book caters to the high demand and urgent need to provide examples demonstrating the quality and impact of patient engagement work.

Guidance for newcomers

If you are just starting your patient engagement journey this book can offer you guidance and ideas on how to get it right.

3rd edition good practices

Submission of patient engagement initiatives for the third edition of the Book of Good Practices have been collected in May 2020. Evaluation by reviewer panel and final selection to be followed during summer 2020.

The third edition of the Book of Good Practices is expected to release by the end of 2020.

2nd edition good practices

Consulting a patient and carer panel on the design and delivery of a proof of concept drug repurposing trial in Parkinson’s Disease

Patient involvement in preparing clinical research peer-reviewed publications or results summaries: A systematic review

Pregnancy and Parenting with Arthritis

HeadUp Collar: Co-creation of a new cervical orthosis for patients with Motor Neuron Disease/ neck weakness

A sickle cell community built by the community for the community

1st edition good practices

Patient/Caregiver Pathway Mapping & Patient Shark Tank®

Supporting patient involvement in the development of new treatments

Driving Innovation and change via PE Dashboard.

Kids Barcelona – Young Person’s Advisory Group

Building patient centricity into process: clinical development – HILFE FÜR MICH (Patient Navigator)

Patient and community feedback on PLSs (Plain Language Summaries)

Develop AKUre – Patient-led clinical trial

Understanding patient and stakeholder needs alongside the patient journey – Case from a Pharma Company

Understanding patient and stakeholder needs alongside the patient journey – Case from a Pharma Company

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the Book of Good Practices

Co-creating a robust and coherent framework for patient engagement requires collective effort and commitment. If you are curious to find out how the initiatives for the Book of Good Practices were selected, check out our publication in DIA Global.


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