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If you have ever wondered how to analyze the quality, process, outcome, or impact of your patient engagement initiative, wonder no more. An easy-to-use digital solution is here to help.

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Patient engagement is slowly becoming the norm, but in practice it can still sometimes be cumbersome, unstable and complex. Systematic and robust engagement of the patient community is not a given yet.

A key reason for that? The challenge of identifying and agreeing on metrics that are meaningful and measurable to analyze the quality, process, outcome, and impact of patient engagement initiatives.

I don’t know where to start or begin with evaluating PE.

An interactive guidance that allows inputs and develops recommendations for a unique measurement and evaluation plan would be helpful.

I would like a planning tool that includes monitoring and evaluation.

I need someone to walk me through this process.

A long-awaited co-created agile tool for identifying the right measurements for patient engagement practices is now here!

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About the tool

It all started in March 2018 with an objective within the IMI-PARADIGM consortium – facilitate meaningful patient engagement and help users understand the pathway to impact.

Starting from the metrics and framework designed by the IMI-PARADIGM initiative, a PFMD working group was formed to work towards the operationalization of the existing Monitoring & Evaluation framework and to allow a better alignment between selected metrics and focus of the patient engagement activity.

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IMI PARADIGM Patient Engagement Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

What is this tool for

  • Learning based on meaningful and measurable metrics
  • Increased impact of patient engagement initiatives through monitoring and evaluation
  • Exploration of new ways of improving patient engagement processes
  • Dialogue facilitation between stakeholders
  • Better decision-making in medicines development, healthcare management and beyond

How you can use it

Identify the right metrics for evaluation of Patient Engagement so you can:

  • Assess the process, outcome, impact and results of a patient engagement initiative
  • Assess the effectiveness of your organizational patient engagement strategy, and set new goals and objectives;
  • (coming soon) Explore sector benchmarks to understand best practices

Who is it for

Patient Organizations & Patient Advocates

Anyone working in patient engagement for:

  • Drug Development
  • Medtech development
  • Others

The tool answers or will answer key needs identified through collaborative co-creation activities:


of patient engagement practitioners need interactive guidance that allows for the identification of inputs and develops recommendations for a unique measurement and evaluation plan


of patient engagement practitioners need an integration with a patient engagement planning tool


of patient engagement practitioners need a compiled set of metrics for the most relevant scenarios (building on existing sets)


of patient engagement practitioners need more detailed explanations of the components of necessary metrics for measurement and evaluation of patient engagement initiatives

Who developed this tool?

Find out more on the global patient engagement map and network – Synapse.

The “Patient Engagement Management Suite” is brought to you by the PFMD partnership.