Patient Engagement Remuneration & Fair Market Value

About the project

Fair remuneration of the patient community for interactions with the pharmaceutical industry is still a tension point in the patient engagement ecosystem, there is a need for a globally recognized set of Principles and methodology to ensure key values govern the remuneration process: transparency, fairness, equity, ethics.

PFMD is driving a comprehensive co-creation effort involving key stakeholders and decision-makers to harmonize previous collaborative work and establish a trusted process to remunerate the patient community for interacting with industry through patient engagement activities.

The project will deliver Global Principles and a Global Methodology, and, eventually, will apply these in a practical fair market value calculator tool.


Remuneration of the patient community for interactions with the pharmaceutical industry is still a tension point.

There is a need for transparency in establishing fair market rates and remunerating the patient community


Building on existing experience, guidances and principles to develop a global framework for adequate and consistent remuneration for interactions between the patient community and the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring fair and consistent payment for services.

  • Establish a set of Global Principles for remuneration of the patient community for patient engagement with pharmaceutical companies
  • Develop a global methodology for determining fair market value
  • Co-create a process for establishing market rates by country
  • Support change management and integration

The ultimate goal is the inclusion of patients in developing a transparent framework that builds upon the collaborative work of IFPMA, EFPIA, National Health Council, WECAN/MPE/PFMD, IMI Paradigm, and others. Through co-creation and stakeholder engagement the project aims to drive adoption, and the systemic change required whilst ensuring compliance with relevant Codes of Conduct and local regulations.

The “Patient Engagement Management Suite” is brought to you by the PFMD partnership.